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Becoming a Professional & Growing a Brand ft. Yasha Clark

Yasha Clark is a recent graduate of Southern University Law Center and, in her 3L year, acted as a mentor and friend to me as a first year law student. Yasha’s ability to maneuver her studies while maintaining her entrepreneurial spirit was both inspiring and mind-blowing to me. So, it was only right to feature her on the site.

On Yasha: The revolutionary, the natural born leader. I want to inspire a whole generation someway. I want to make it cool to go to Law School. I want to make people excited about education again! I strive everyday to be an example for my little sister, nieces and nephews and little cousins. Somebody has to set the standard so high – yet attainable. I’m also obsessed with traveling. I love experiencing new cultures so I want to leisurely travel and see the whole entire world. I want to create. People don’t really know this about me – but I LOVE project management. I love to plan events. I usually throw a birthday party for my birthday party JUST so I can plan it – it’s my favorite pastime. I’m actually planning really soon to launch some type of business in that area.

Anyway, I’m a 26 year old law student trying to surpass heights and dimensions I never even knew were possible. It’s nothing I can’t do. I’m every woman like Whitney Houston! (lol) But no, seriously, I’m on this journey to living the best life I can & becoming a better version of myself at all times.

On Becoming a Brand: So I’m branding myself as much as I know how but I do want to turn my lifestyle into a business – travel, health, fitness, law, positivity, etc. I want to become the go-to expert in my industry. I plan to be committed and consistent and I know God blesses my path so I’m good! I plan to put the work in – that’s thing about me, I will put the work in so that’s not the issue. My work ethic is literally unmatched. I plan to be authentically me, I’m a funny, sarcastic, blunt, honest, to the point person!

On Running a Business: I’ve been in business for one year now and it runs consistently for the most part but I do need to dedicate more time to market more. I need to revamp and expand at this point. My book, The Little Black Book of Prosperity is an interactive journal that helps people write down and plan out their goals. It has savings plans, motivational quotes, positive affirmations and bible verses to help with weekly motivation. The whole point of it was because I’ve always been a fan of journaling. So, I wanted to help those on their journey to becoming a better person through journaling.

The Prosperity Group initially started out as a Marketing & Branding Group but Law School takes all of my life and time because I’m actively involved on campus in numerous organizations so it didn’t actually turn out to be just that but it’s growing.

On Balancing Life: Life right now for me is busy. I’m just always busy with personal issues or family issues or work or The Prosperity Group, or the bar exam which I’m preparing to take, just always on go! I’m rigorously applying to jobs post-graduation but I’m trusting God’s plans for my life. I light my candles at night and woo-sah but I have to keep going. I’m always thinking “If not me, then who?”

On a Professional Career: So my current professional aspirations are political. I recently did an internship at the Louisiana State Capitol and fell in love with politics. I want to work on Capitol Hill in national politics or I want to practice international law and build relationships amongst foreign countries. Ultimately, I would love to work in the White House (obviously not now) but in a couple of years I definitely envision that for myself.

On My Next Chapter: I’m so ready for life after law school. I used to be so anxious and nervous about not having school BUT now I have a whole new mindset about everything! I literally pray about everything and don’t worry about it at all. I leave it to God and I know it’s handled. I know the next chapter of my life will be amazing, I can just feel it! I’m claiming it!

Finding My Voice: As a young woman in this Instagram model era, it’s hard for my positive platform to get and keep the attention it really needs but I’m an innovator. I have a few different approaches up my sleeves, and it’s not all about my product. I don’t force anyone to buy my book. You either want to purchase but I can’t make anyone do anything – I ultimately want to find my voice that inspires others to become better and bring glory to God. And I do acknowledge that my actions inspire others because I get a lot of people telling me like “hey you really inspire me to go for what I want” and I just want to keep that going.

For more information about Yasha or the Prosperity Group, follow her on Instagarm: @miss_yasha.