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Why We Can’t Get Enough of Zoey & The Johnson Family

 Zoey. Pops. Grandma Ruby. Andre. Rainbow. Diane. Jack. Junior.

(And, the newest member of the family, Baby Devante’.)

Those names have become staples in all of our homes as the iconic sitcom enters its fourth season and we could not have it any other way. During the show’s debut, we immediately tackled the everyday discomforts and compromises that many upper, middle-class families face as they strive to keep their children grounded in the black community while still excelling within their predominantly white surroundings.

As the eldest Johnson child, Zoey (Yara Shahidi), heads off to college, the show has taken us on her journey with the Grown-Ish. In the show’s first three episodes, it has somehow managed to meet all the expectations of its highly anticipated debut. Having a likably smart and quick witted context, Zoey and her school mates tackle critical issues within today’s collegiate environment. From pill usage to late night text messages, the show gives an authentic glimpse into the reality that many twenty-somethings face in their day-to-day lives. Although the show is not comparable to “A Different World” as it relates to presentation and scripting, it have the same timely influence and we can only hope that the writers are able to continue tackling these controversial storylines.

Among the many storylines that the show has thrown at us in its short duration, the love story of Zoey Johnson and the pro-black sophomore, Aaron Jackson (Trevor Jackson). We were introduced to Aaron in Black-Ish‘s third season and re-introduced in the early episodes of season four. Naturally, Zoey Johnson entered college with her cool kid demeanor, thinking she had it all together. Anyone who has completed their first year of undergrad knows that she quickly found out that college is a completely different world than high school. So, naturally, Zoey has made several rookie mistakes and we are just getting started. Aaron, while having romantic feelings for Zoey, has managed to lead Zoey to seek interests elsewhere. First, Zoey found herself growing fonder of Luca (Luka Sabbat), the fashion-forward loner. However, that ended horribly for our Zo-Zo. This week, it seems that there is a new guy in town by the name of Cash (Abraham Juste). Will the basketball star steal Aaron’s place in Zoey’s heart? We can’t wait to find out!

Sidenote: The casting director is giving us life with all these sexy, chocolate, twenty-somethings. Keep the boys coming! We have no complaints.

It is no secret that ABC’s “Black-Ish” is a black entertainment gem. With every episode, the Johnsons have become more and more relatable to the suburban, black family. So, it is only right that we expect even more laughs and love as “Black-Ish” continues and strap in for the much needed and greatly enjoyed storylines that  “Grown-Ish” is serving…