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The Importance of Clapping for Others

When I am not generating content for Black Girl Today, I often guest write for other blogs. Total Package Magazine is a women’s empowerment site motivating women to have it all.


When I cover certain stories for any site that I feel suit the Black Girl Today audience, I love to share it. Today’s post is an intimate article that I wrote at a vulnerable time in my life. I felt that I was not at the level of success that some of my peers seemingly were at. I felt uneasy about my life’s journey and whether I’d done enough at my age. So, I decided to journal my feelings and that journal entry turned into a motivational excerpt. Below, there is an excerpt from the article. Follow the link to read the full post!




Often times, women can experience feelings of complacency. In a time where female entrepreneurs and bosses are prevalent, many of us play the comparison game. We only see the pinnacle of their successes and don’t take into consideration their journey to the top. Comparing a crossroad in your path to some else’s finish line can be detrimental. That mindset can actually hinder your growth. The reality is that there will be times when you are the only person clapping for yourself. In an attempt to clarify, let me say that not every turning point in your life’s journey requires recognition. There will be times when you need to clap for those around you, those that have attained and achieved while quietly continuing on your own path, whatever it may be. This may seem harsh, but it is necessary.


I speak from personal experience and I am sure that many can relate. I have definitely had moments where I’ve felt as though no one was clapping for me, experiencing this unexplainable discontent. Those feelings caused me to have a sour response to the positive occurrences in the lives of those around me. I was happy for them, but questioning why it wasn’t me. I unknowingly was being selfish and lacking in self-awareness because that moment was never mine. It was their big pay-off. They were in a different part of their journey and it was my job to support them on their path while continuing to follow my own.


Though every turning point in your life’s journey does not require recognition, it does require realization. I had to realize that as long as I stayed on course, working hard and diligently giving my all to my life’s journey, I was bound to have my moment. This is something that cannot be forced nor can it be put on a time constraint. Simply stated, you cannot question the timing of your time. It sounds crazy, but it is true. You also cannot compare your situation to someone else’s. You cannot ask that you be placed in their shoes. You cannot wish for their position in life because it is theirs, and theirs alone. Rather than asking for their success, ask for growth and pray for preparation. The reason you may not be where that other person is may be because you are not ready. It is just not your time, not your season…




Follow the link to check out the full article!

“The Importance of Clapping for Others” written by Meah Johnson- Total Package Magazine


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