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The Black Girls Guide to Beauty Industry Branding ft. Chy’Brielle Jessie

“Pray, Plan, and Pursue. Pray for guidance. Write out your plan. Then, heavily pursue that plan.”


Let’s talk nails! Today’s interview is one that is close to my heart because I have known the guest for years. I’ve witnessed her humble beginnings and am elated to see her success. Ms. Chy’Brielle Jessie, most commonly known as The NailYaNista, is one of the youngest nail salon owners in the game.  With the determination and pizzazz this girl possesses, it is not surprising that Ms. Jessie has created an esteemed name for herself in the world of tips and toes. Recently, this young woman added salon owner to her decorated resume as a nail technician.

As state before, I am over the moon about today’s feature. Chy’Brielle’s ability to turn a passion project into a budding empire offers such encouragement to the many young women with interests in the world of beauty, specifically nails. Her journey is proof that only you can make your dreams come true. This interview is filled with love, laughter, and tons of tips. Pun intended.

On behalf of myself and Black Girl Today, we wish The NailYaNista brand continued success and look forward to seeing more from Ms. Jessie. Check the interview out below: 


Q:  When it comes to nail technicians, black women are most commonly viewed as consumers rather than the actual business owners. What made you want to be on the other side of the table?

A: I get asked this question so much and I giggle before answering every time. I believe I was 10 or 11-years-old when I accompanied my mom to the local nail salon for the very first time. While watching the nail technician, something instantly jumped in my spirit. It told me that I could do that, out loud, as if I’d been asked. Once my mom purchased a kit for me from the local drug store, it was on. I fell in love with the art of transforming nails. I became obsessed with perfecting the craft, not allowing it to defeat me. Now, I’m 12 years in.

Q:  When did you know that your passion for nails was more than just a hobby? When did you decide this would become a career for you?

A: I knew in middle school. I can’t quite remember what took place that made it click in my head, but it definitely was in middle school. The more my skill grew, the more my dreams grew. I knew that I could do something in the nail industry and by the time I entered high school, I realized I wanted this to be my career.

Q:  What obstacles did you encounter on your journey to building The NailYaNista brand? What did you learn about yourself from those obstacles?

A: The obstacles were endless! I’d struggled  with the decision of how I should spend my only $20. It was either putting gas in my car, which I needed to get to my client, purchasing a nail supply that I’d also need for my client, or putting the money toward my phone bill for my client to contact me. That is an experience that sticks with me. Memories like that help you keep hustling. Knowing that you have put in your hard work to perfect your craft and promote yourself, only to be repaid with no clients coming in. I could go all day naming my obstacles, but I’ll say they all have shown me my strength. At one point, God humbled me. Every obstacle that I encountered teaches me something different. So far, I’ve been made aware of my strengths, my weaknesses, my patience, and so much more.

Q:  As an advocate for weekly manicures and pedicures, I am aware that clients are extremely critical about their nails. What is a common misconnection that you find many have about black nail technicians? How do you overcome it?

A: Many don’t know we exist. It often seems as thought we are an undiscovered species. We work just as hard as other technicians, but we have to make each client a believer once they sit in our chair. Often times, they give a little side eye, questioning our abilities. I giggle on the inside and smile big when that happens because, in the end, they look at their nails that I did with adoration.

Q: It is so refreshing to see young, black women breaking barriers. Do you feel that the industry is adjusting to the times and welcoming more men and women like yourself?

A: I do believe that the industry is adjusting. Every industry changes, literally, every second. I’m just proud to grow daily in this industry, specifically.

Q: What would be your advice to the young girl reading this in hopes of becoming the next NailYaNista? What should she do to better prepare herself? What encouraging words would you offer her? What should she avoid? When should she step out on faith and fully commit to her craft?

A:Wow! This is one of my favorite questions. Well, I’d say the sky is not the limit. Go beyond! Whatever you want, you can most certainly have. Pray, Plan, and Pursue. Pray and ask God for guidance. Write out your plan, in great detail. The more specific, the better. Then, heavily pursue that plan. Don’t ever quit! I’ve said I quit so many times, but I have never stopped. I just work harder. Pray continually, while you’re planning and while you’re pursuing. Avoid negative thinking and negative people. God will reveal what the right time is. I’m a firm believer in sowing, from contributing to my church to gaining wisdom from fellow technicians. Remember, temporary sacrifices bring long term rewards.

It is my hope that all beauty enthusiasts reading this interview thoroughly enjoyed it. Chy’Brielle, you were outstanding to work with. Your enthusiasm about your brand as well as mine is evidence that you aa young woman walking your purpose and eager to contribute in your community. You are beyond deserving of your success. The Black Girl Today Family anticipates much more for The NailYaNista brand!

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