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Insecure, Season Two Review: “Hella Pivotal”

hell·a - extremely (used for emphasis)
piv·ot·al - of crucial importance relating to the development or success of something


Unfortunately, I did follow the first season of Insecure as it aired. I actually binge-watched it; so, I wasn’t able to tweet my reactions with the rest of the world. However, this season, I was able to get an early viewing of the premiere with the cast during Essence Weekend. Not to mention, I met them! So, I have followed this season from start to finish!  I decided to fashion this review after the finale episode. So, first things first, we will dive into the life of Lawrence this season.

Lawrence seemingly is still uncertain of what his future holds. He is in a situation-ship with Tasha, which clearly was supposed to be a brief rebound and has now spiraled beyond his control. To top that off, he still hasn’t finalized a living arrangement and is low-key homeless for the first few episodes. As the season progressed, we were able to see how the breakup with Issa damaged Lawrence in more ways than he, himself, could imagine. He displayed symptoms of what most know to be “ugly girl syndrome” as he fell victim to lots of self-doubt, overthinking, uncertainty, jealousy, and blaming his low esteem on others. However, after several poor choices, Lawrence found himself transitioning from the hero to a villain as he displayed behaviors outside of his norm. Quick example, who the hell would bring a random woman to an intimate dinner consisting of only your ex’s close friend that you met via your ex? Or who goes home with two randoms that just so happen to pay for their groceries in the local supermarket? -Exactly, I rest my case. Nonetheless, Lawrence’s season finale performance embodied a great deal of self discovery and growth. To apologize to Issa for not being who she thought he’d be, playing a part in the demise of their relationship, and for not turning exactly as he’d hoped spoke volumes for how far he’d come from episode 1 to episode 8. Though I am unsure of Lawrence’s fate in the upcoming season, hope springs eternal and I am proud of his evolution.



Molly, this season, was both a working progress and a ticking time bomb all at once, in true Molly fashion. Molly Carter, Esq. is the only character that steadily declined as the season progressed. Her journey throughout Season 2 was wildly different from what the premiere led us to believe. She went from regular therapy sessions while on a man hiatus to screwing a married, childhood friend. I think my biggest disappointment from Molly this season was her impulsiveness and refusal to address the obvious. For instance, whether Dro is married or not, the consequences of sleeping with a childhood friend typically are horrendous. Nonetheless, Ms. Carter seemingly can’t get enough. In terms of her job, it was nice to see her branch out and shop around for firms. Additionally, the introduction of her newfound friend and colleague, Quinton, was mostly enjoyable until she blurred the lines, mixing pleasure where it did not belong. Side Note: Am I the only person who felt Sterling K. Brown’s cameo could have been extended as Molly’s love interest? -Ultimately, the finale left Molly with no resolve as far as I’m concerned. So, the possibilities are endless for her in season 3.



Last and probably least, based on her behavior this season, was Issa Dee. Issa is all over the place per usual. However, we were able to see her on the dating scene. So, if nothing else, it made for great television. It was amazing to see how many wrong turns Issa was able to make in eight, short episodes. It was quite outstanding, actually. Like, who ruins a night of passion with Luke James? Who? For me, I am forever #TEAMDANIEL so the fact that she somehow managed to make amends with him only to toy with his emotions yet again behooved me. However, I am more than anxious to see how where Season 3 takes their relationship. Furthermore, I was less than impressed with Issa’s attitude toward her work this season, showing a very nonchalant disregard for the mistreatment of the Hispanic students and ignoring Frida’s advisement. Nonetheless, somehow Issa Dee remain close to our hearts whether we like it or not.

Season 2 brought us much needed closure and left a lot of issues unresolved for the upcoming season. Some of my favorites from this season were the laughs from Kelly and Chad, the return of Daniel, the final showdown between Lawrence & Issa (Shout-Out to Daniel Caesar), the Kiss & Grind Day Party, and who can forget the #ISSAEYE? Season 2 was another great one! Malibu, We Can’t Wait for SEASON 3!




Artwork by Monique Howard (@felicitybymj)

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