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This Is Us, Season Two: Bringing Black Love to Prime Time Television


“Our girls came out good. It’s true, but we made them great. They make us great.”



Let me begin by saying that Sterling K. Brown has won a special place in all of our hearts with his portrayal of Randall Pearson. His character is so lovable, from adolescence into adulthood. To me, one of the main reasons that we have fallen head over heels in love with Randall is because of how hard he loves. From being a great father to striving for perfection as a husband, Mr. Pearson loves to give love and we love that about him!


A Father’s Love

Who can resist Tess & Annie Pearson? Randall and Beth’s daughters literally give us a reason to smile every Tuesday night! The NBC series does a great job of illustrating the complexities of the black father in the relationship Randall shares with his girls. By allowing us to see Randall’s vulnerability with his girls at home and showing the neutral, protective exterior he displays to the outside world, This Is Us demonstrates that fatherhood isn’t an easy task. Nonetheless, it is beyond refreshing to see a black father on network television that is involved in the lives of his daughters, especially considering that Randall did not experience the love of his biological father until he was an adult.



“Everything’s better with a little Beth on it. You’re the chocolate sauce to my ice cream, girl.”




The Love of a Soul Mate

You know we could not forget about our girl, Mrs. Beth Pearson! Beth is easily the greatest of all time and no one can tell usdifferent. From her unapologetically black behaviors to her fierce personality, Beth Pearson shows us how to maintain a happy, healthy and hot relationship. From the show’s debut until now, Beth has given us quotes to live by and life experiences to learn from. It takes a special type of woman to be her husband’s strength and look to him for support simultaneously. (The way Randall looks at Beth, alone, gives us goosebumps. I mean, homegirl is a boss!) The couple has shown us the ups and downs of marriage, offering an intimate depiction of how intricate love can be as time progresses. Where Season One dealt with the struggle of incorporating Randall’s estranged father into their family dynamic, Season Two introduced the possibility of adoption. Needless to say, our faves managed to band together to tackle every card they were dealt and we can’t say that we are surprised!

“I wake up next to a head scarf and coconut oil every day. I’m married to a black queen.”




We look forward to more laughs and love from the Pearson family in Season Three. We can deny faces like these!