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Our Top 5 Takeaways from Girl’s Trip

Girl’s Trip’s debut into theaters has been groundbreaking, trendsetting, and knee-slapping to say the least!


Aside from becoming an overnight sensation, Will Packer and Malcolm D. Lee have managed to introduce a movement of sorts. The film depicts four established, black women in their attempts to rekindle their lifelong friendship. The film has acted as a catalyst for black women to create and cultivate their own friendship circles and I couldn’t be happier about it! The idea of having a group of likeminded women supporting one another has been reintroduced and Black Girl Today is here for it! However, the Girl’s Trip cast managed to drop gems throughout all the laughs. Here were some of Black Girl Today’s takeaways…



Essence Festival is #EVERTHING!

Although this is something I have known forever, being a South Louisiana native, the film only emphasized the importance of the Essence festivities. There is no other 3-day weekend like the Essence Music Festival! What can compare to a melanin overload in the Chocolate City, accompanied by Southern Cuisine and classic beats for the culture from the culture?Don’t worry, I’ll wait! -Not to mention, the chocolatey, chiseled goodness that you may find lurking at every corner. (Hint: Some gifts in life are free.)



Ryan Pierce is #CAREERGOALS

Naturally, I gravitated toward the ever-so-charming, Mrs. You Can Have It All, Ryan Pierce. Although Ryan’s life was less than perfect, she was a self-made success. Being a renowned journalist with an unblemished reputation, Mrs. Pierce made boss moves and slayed the scene with each take. And let’s just be honest, I am forever #TeamReginaHall!



Nothing beats a Black Man with Southern Charm. 

The men in this movie, where do I even begin? Two words. Kofi. Siriboe. Get into it, ladies! This sexy specimen has tormented us all from Queen Sugar to Essence Magazine and I must admit, I am here for it! So, why wouldn’t he bless the Flossy Posse’ on their Nola exploration? From eyeballing Lisa (Jada Pinkett) on Bourbon to the Great Grapefruit Debacle, Kofi made us want more Malik!



There is no such thing as the one that got away.

Larenz Tate’s character, Julian, was by far one of my favorites. The suave musician gave us an undeniable boy-next-door, woulda-shoulda-coulda vibe. The chemistry between he and Ryan (Regina Hall)  gave us a feeling like there was a lingering question of what could have been, had they been given the opportunity. However, Girl’s Trip  allowed us to see what happens when the opportunity presented itself and the timing is right! Message: It’s never too late to experience your Larenz.



There is no feeling like having the love & support of your girlfriends!

From Dorothy, Blanche, Rose & Sofia to Joan, Maya, Toni & Lynn, we have learned from some of television’s greatest that nothing beats friendship. So, at a time when all that we see on social media is women publicizing their distrust for one another, it was refreshing to see four women of color show empathy for each another and celebrate each other’s success. Seeing four wilding different personalities clash and compliment one another simultaneously just warmed the hearts of the viewers and made us all want to call our own girl groups to go on a little vacay. Not to mention, what beats a sister circle with it’s own name? #FlossyPosse


Overall, Girl’s Trip is a must-see!  The film was outstanding, filled with loads of laughs and evoked just the right amount of tears. Regina, Jada, Latifah & Tiffany, you ladies did that! Will Packer & Malcolm D. Lee, can we have a sequel, please?

Ps. Tiffany Haddish is one of the G.O.A.T. 



Grab your girlfriends & pour it up, we’ve got a #GirlsTrip to plan!

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  • meka
    December 19, 2017

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MAKE MY HEART SO PROUD. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!! We are proud of you!!!

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