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Paige L’Jai Alexander: The Trailblazing Trendsetter

When I am not generating content for Black Girl Today, I often guest write for other blogs. Urban Social TV targets millennials by combining  lifestyle and pop culture and I am proud to act as one of many staff writers for the site.


When I cover certain stories for any site that I feel suit the Black Girl Today audience, I love to share it. Hence, today’s post! This exciting and informative interview with Paige Alexander, of L’Jai Amor Designs, was my first Urban Social interview. Paige was open, honest, and had such a great spirit throughout the interviewing process and I am beyond ecstatic about sharing her story with you. Without any further delay, I hope you all enjoy!



Q: You are now at the point where your work is being acknowledged and showcased, in major ways. Describe the feeling of seeing your work featured in magazines and worn by celebrities.

A: The feeling is definitely overwhelming because there were times that I did not believe it was possible for me to reach out to people and  even get a response. So, I started to feel as if people weren’t taking notice to my work or maybe there was something that I was lacking. However, something told me to keep going and doing what I love and perfecting my craft in the process. I felt that something would eventually come along. I kept the faith and God has continued to bless me and the brand more and more. I look back at where I have come from to now and I am so very proud of what I have accomplished.



Q: How do you keep yourself from feeling like you have reached the pinnacle of success, after getting so much recognition? -How do you keep that hunger to produce more pieces and become more innovative?

A: Most people use never being satisfied as a bad quality, but I use it as a motivator. Not being satisfied until my next goal is reached is how I keep pushing myself. I do not want to settle for anything in my life. I’m always striving for more and for better, until it’s time for the next goal.



The excerpt above is taken from today’s featured post is an interview that I conducted with Fashion Designer and NOLA native, Paige L’Jai Alexander. This young woman is the epitome of a #BlackGirlPro, being self-taught and having her designs by worn by celebrities while she is still relatively new to the industry. I thoroughly enjoyed corresponding with Paige for this interview because the content that we generated was of such great quality. She gives insight on her journey to success, why pursuing your dreams is important, how avoiding contentment brings growth, and why we all should trust the path we are on. There were so many gems in this post, it literally speaks for itself!


Check out the full interview below!


Paige L’Jai Alexander: Trendsetter & Trailblazer