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The Girlfriends’ Guide to Netflix & Chill


Netflix & Chill is most commonly known for a partner’s cleverly worded way of inviting themselves to engage in some risqué behavior while Netflix plays in the background. Having always been interested in event planning, I thought of putting my my spin on this phrase and turning it into an actual event. With that being said, I recently have decided to host a series of posts with fun ideas for both traditional and non traditional party ideas. The Netflix & Chill idea, being the first of many, was inspired by the infamous Michelle Phan. I loved her idea of using the coinage of the phrase to her advantage and turning it into a “Girl’s Night In” for she and her friends. However, I wanted to add my own little twist to things. So, I will list some things  below that can make the event even more cozy and personable:


  1. Who says Netflix & Chill has to be a movie? Who says it even has to be Netflix? Binge watch a series on Hulu. Shoot for a series that all of your friends would interested in, either one know has seen or one that everybody loves. (ie. The Mindy Project, one of my favorites!)
  2. Utilizing the previous suggestion, form a menu for everyone following the theme of the show that is chosen. Have it printed and framed in and place it near the area where you all will be chilling. Make sure that the food items that you wish to prepare are all bite-sized and singer foods. You want your girls to be able to feel like they are pigging out with all the repercussions of pigging out. For example, some good menu items would be turkey sliders, pizza bites, Oreo balls, miniature sweet potato pies, homemade caramel corn, bite-sized pecan candy, peanut butter fudge squares, and/or brownie bites.
  3. Make it a pajama party! You are never too old for a little low-key slumber party action. Since it is just a girl’s night, no need to waste a good outfit without any men to swoon over you. Be comfy and enjoy yourself. Now, if you guys are anything like, your face will still be beat. However, that is just a personal preference. However, wardrobe definitely should be comfy. Is it just me or does anyone else feel a onesie coming on? Too further set the mood,
  4. Make it a swap party. Amidst the antics of the Netflix & Chill girl’s night, there is always room for a little gifting action. Have each friend bring a beauty or household item that they either wish to recommend to a friend or haven’t used (and don’t wish to use) to the party. Of course, we don’t wish to give used beauty items to those we love.  The gifts will be opened at the end of then right and randomly gifted amongst the friends. The whole object of the gifting is for the friends to put one another on to some new things to incorporate into their collections.
  5. Have a signature drink. This can be offered as both an alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage. Please make the necessary adjustments for those of you who are driving. You want your drink to be sweet, sexy, and girly.


When all else fails, put on a playlist and party it up! Your girls will love it either way!

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