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Today’s Podcast: Rebranding Oneself

Hey Loves,

I have been subscribed to Rana Campbell’s Dreams in Drive for some time now. I stumbled upon her work during my quest to find black podcasts that discussed wellness, growth, branding, networking, etc. In my search to find quality content, Rana’s podcast was one of the first to fit the bill.

The episode that I have chosen to share with you all features Necole Kane, a media maven whose career I have followed since Junior High School. This Black Girl Pro originally was the CEO and face of, a celebrity gossip site. The site reached new heights in the black blogging network.

However, the Necole Bitchie brand took on a life of its own. Kane felt that as the blog grew in popularity, she became more distant from her personal brand.

Stating at one point that she was disappointed in herself for sticking with the Bitchie brand for monetary reasons, Necole eventually went on to break away and rebrand.

I can remember reading her farewell post, along with the responding articles that followed it, and thinking how was she going to reinvent herself.

How could she leave the pinnacle of success and start over in the same industry, you ask?

Quality content, plain and simple.

Necole took that disconnect she had from her previous brand and let it fuel her demand for content of substance in her new brand, xoNecole.

Kane’s newest venture has allowed her to re-establish herself as an advocate for promoting positive images of woman of color in media, as well as empowerment, education, and millennial inspiration.

Being that I have recently taken a leap of faith, investing in my idea, and rebranding, Necole’s story inspired me and has fueled my decision to pursue this rebranding process.

For those of you that aren’t interested in blogging, specifically, her story still resonates because she took a leap of faith, reinvented, and reclaimed her throne. With that being said, grab your morning coffee, and enjoy.


PS. Be sure to subscribe to the Dreams in Drive podcast, along with the xoNecole blog page. Remember, nothing is more refreshing and fulfilling than women supporting one another.

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